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Marcato manufacturer of genuine Italian pasta machines and accessories used to create beautiful home made fresh pasta.

Marcato manufacture high quality products complying to the latest food standards using the latest engineering techniques and using the finest material like anodised aluminium alloy, which ensures that no metal residues are released onto the dough when using the pasta machines.

  1. Rollers are made with food-grade aluminium alloy
    The rollers of our pasta machines are built entirely out of food-grade aluminium alloy: this material guarantees there are no heavy metals that are harmful to your health.
  2. Hardening treatment of the surface of the rollers
    The hardening treatment of the surface of the rollers is strictly linked to patent 1: the anodising process, in fact, increases the surface hardness of the aluminium alloy and makes it longer-lasting.
  3. Polymeric resin coating of the scrapers
    The coating of the scrapers prevents any particles from being released due to the friction between the metal rollers and the scrapers: the polymeric resin that coats the scrapers also makes it easy to detach the pasta from the smooth rollers.
  4. Removable Combs
    As with the scrapers, the removable combs are also made with polymeric resin, therefore, in addition to significantly reducing the possibility of any heavy metals being released onto the dough, it makes the cutting rollers fully washable.
  5. Bayonet Fitting
    The bayonet fitting allows you to assemble the Pastadrive motor onto the machine quickly and intuitively. In just 3 simple moves, the motor can be installed on any of the products in the Atlas and Ampia lines: the bayonet fitting guarantees the stable and safe operation of the Pastadrive motor.

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