BABETTE™ Original Kitchen Aide

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By Babette

Product Code: BAB10017VARIOUS

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The perfect culinary aide, BABETTE™ makes life easier and more efficient in the kitchen, whilst helping to keep worktops tidy and clutter free.

Designed to attach to the side of saucepans, bowls, serving dishes.
BABETTE™ is isolated at the bottom, and can be used on ceramic, induction and electric hobs.

BABETTE™ keeps stirring/tasting/serving spoons and even sauces, marinades and other ingredients to hand. 

A good workflow and tidy counter space is important for every chef. Simply hang your BABETTE™ on the edge of your pan and keep your spatula, spoon, etc. right where you need it. Beautifully elegant.

You can also use BABETTE™ as a measuring cup.  Measure, mix and pour, directly from your BABETTE™.


Wash in warm soapy water.
Dishwasher Safe.