Molino Rossetto Type '00' 100% Italian Soft Wheat Flour 1kg


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This flour comes from selected higher quality Italian wheats. It is milled from 100% Italian wheat making it excellent for making fresh pasta and cakes.

About the producer:

Molino Rossetto are a family business that has been handed down for 7 generations. It all began in 1760 when a Countess left the miller ‘Rossetto’ to run a mill near a waterfall along the left side of the River Bacchiglione in Pontelongo, Padova.  The flours are produced today in this same factory run today by brother and sister, Paolo and Chiara Rossetto.
Thanks to the careful selection of prime materials and the meticulous care exercised at each stage of production, the use of modern technology, Molino Rossetto can guarantee a wide range of high-quality products.
Their production includes traditional soft wheat and corn flour, other stone- ground cereal flours, and also baking mixes and yeasts.
In recent years, the company has obtained a number of certifications thanks to the high quality of their products and their attention to production processes and the environment.

Technical data:

Ingredients: soft wheat flour type 00
May contain soy, sesame seeds and milk.

Average nutritional values per 100g:
Energy 1480 kJ - 349 kcal,
Fat 0,9g of which saturates 0,2g,
Carbohydrate 74g of which sugars 1g,
Fibre 2,3g,
Protein 10g,
Salt 0g.

W 200 to 250
P/L  0.5 - 0.8

Store in a cool, dry place.


1kg (35.27oz) bag

Produced in Italy