Ceramic Olive Oil Dispensers "Oil Can" Shape

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Product Code: 9502-ARD

Olive Oil dispenser/cruet in the shape of a vintage oil can complete with pourer and cap. 

Perfect for the table or the kitchen.

Ceramic is one of the best materials to store your olive oil in. 
Olive oil will oxidize rapidly if it is not kept in a sealed container.
Do not store olive oil in containers made of metals such as copper or iron as the chemical reaction between the olive oil and the metal will damage the oil and may produce toxins. Also olive oil should not be stored in plastic containers as the oil may absorb PVC’s from the plastic.


Glazed ceramic, decorated with a vintage design.


10 x 5 x 18cm (4" x 2" x 7" approx.)
Weight: 350g

12 x 6 x 21cm (4¾" x 2⅜" x 8¼" approx.)
Weight: 500g

Note: Olive oil not included

Made In Italy