Garganelli / Gnocchi Ridger C/W Rolling Pin


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Make your own Gnocchi and Garganelli pasta with this traditional beechwood ridger and mini rolling pin.

The board comes with a wide base for maximum stability when rolling.

Garganelli is a pasta typically from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, it is formed by rolling & folding small diamond shapes of pasta into tubes.


Simply roll your gnocchi dough over the paddle for a uniform ridge finish.

Take a 5cm (2") square of rolled pasta dough and simply roll from one corner to the opposite corner with the mini rolling pin to create the Garganelli with two pointed edges. The appearance should be like 'Penne' with the only difference being the overlap of the two edges which is clearly visible.

Using the Garganelli ridger gives the pasta dough a unique texture to give a special taste.


Ridger: 12.5cm long  x 7.5cm wide x 1.9cm thick
Rolling Pin: 18cm long x 1cm dia
Base: 20.5cm long  x 9.2cm wide x 0.8cm thick

Hand wash only, do not leave in water.

Made in Italy