Dallagiovanna Semola Rimacinata Flour


Product Code: CON-5899

Enhance your homemade cuisine with Dallagiovanna Semola Rimacinata Blue Flour, featuring a coarse texture that adds an extra layer of flavor and texture.

Made from remilled durum wheat, this flour is essential for recreating classic Italian dishes

This semolina is an excellent choice for baking bread, making fresh pasta, authentic homemade pizzas, classic Italian desserts, and much more.

It can be used by itself as well as combined with many other different types of flour. Have fun experimenting with your recipes by including this flour to some of your favourite doughs.


Technical Data:

  • Rimanciata means "twice milled"
  • Proteins 13%
  • Max Humidity 15.5%


1kg (35.27oz) bag

Perishable goods such as flour cannot be returned.