Marcato Atlas 150 Design Pasta Machine


Atlas 150 Design Pasta Machine

Two NEW Colours:
Powder Blue & Powder Grey.
Now in Stock!


Ravioli Tablet

Create perfectly shaped
ravioli every time!


Atlas Pasta Machine Starter Set

Atlas 150 pasta machine, for crafting lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini.
Set also contains attachments for ravioli & spaghetti.


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Genuine Marcato products and Italian pizza and pasta tools.


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Marcato Atlas 150 with Free Pasta Bike

Our most popular machine for making fresh home-made pasta. 

Available with a FREE Pasta Bike (worth £24.95) for cutting fresh flat pasta into strips.

With the Atlas 150 you can easily make Lasagna, Fettuccine, Tagliolini and many other pasta shapes thanks to the wide range of accessories.


Pasta Machines

Cerutti Inox - Made In Italy

Professional Pizza Tools

Italian artisanal pizza peels, paddles, turners, brushes, and tools. Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship to achieve authentic Italian pizza.

Quality "Made In Italy" Products

Pizza Accessories & Ingredients

Dallagiovanna La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00 - Pasta Kitchen (tutto pasta)

Dallagiovanna La Napoletana Pizza Flour 00

Create authentic Neapolitan pizza with this Tipo 00 extra fine flour. The texture & flavour will transport you to a traditional pizzeria in Naples

Professional Pizza Oven Accessories by Cerutti Inox

When only the finest pizza peels, turners, brushes & tools will do. Genuine Italian crafted products using cutting edge technology.

Rega San Marzano D.O.P. Tomatoes

Create beautiful pizza sauce, amazing pasta sauce, delicious casseroles & stews with authentic D.O.P San Marzano tomatoes.


Marcato Otello Pasta Machine

An Italian Icon

Introducing Otello, a limited edition collector's item meticulously crafted to embody Italian design excellence.

Otello isn't just a stunning showpiece – it's also allows you to create mouthwatering, fresh pasta right in your own kitchen.

With Otello, you can effortlessly make delectable sheets of pasta, tantalising fettuccine, and delicate tagliolini with ease.

Limited stock available.

Marcato Otello Pasta Machine

We Love Pasta

Ravioli & Tortellini Starter Set

Everything you need to start making fantastic, fresh, homemade filled pasta; ravioli, cappelletti,tortelloni, tortellini, agnolotti, etc.


Pointed 80gm Arancini Mould now only: £9.95 (was £18.95)

Create perfectly shaped Arancini at home.
Whilst Stocks Last

Craft artisanal pasta like a seasoned Italian chef!

Gnocchi, Garganelli & Farfalle Pasta Set

Set includes two expert tools—Gnocchi & Garganelli Paddle with Ridger (88/L) & Garganelli Cutter (170)—enabling you to easily create authentic, ridged gnocchi, garganelli, & farfalle.

Elevate your pasta experience with this meticulously crafted set, bring the essence of Italy to any home kitchen.
Enjoy the pleasure of restaurant quality pasta at your fingertips.

Gnocchi, Garganelli & Farfalle Pasta Set

Basic Egg Pasta

Pasta Dough Recipe

Whether you are preparing your pasta dough by hand, or with a machine.
Click here to take you through to a simple easy recipe along with helpful hints and tips.



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