Atlas 150 Design Pasta Machine

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Ravioli Tablet

Perfectly shaped ravioli every time!


Atlas Pasta Machine Starter Set

Atlas 150 pasta machine, for crafting lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini with ease.
Also contains two additional attachments for ravioli and spaghetti.


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Genuine Marcato products and Italian pizza and pasta tools.


Pasta Machines

A fantastic gift for any aspiring home chef.

Marcato Pasta Machine Starter Gift Set

Transform their kitchen into a pasta paradise with the Atlas 150 pasta machine, a masterful tool for crafting lasagna, fettuccine, and tagliolini with ease.
This bundle goes beyond expectations, containing two additional attachments for creating mouth watering ravioli and the timeless charm of spaghetti.
Elevate their culinary journey and ignite a passion for homemade pasta.
The ultimate present for the pasta enthusiast in your life.

Receive a FREE cleaning brush with this set (must be added to basket when ordering).


Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

The Atlas 150 is our most popular machine for making fresh home-made pasta. 
The machine is made entirely of high quality chrome steel, processed and assembled in Italy and comes with a 10 year warranty.
The smallest details of each part are designed to enhance its elegance, ensuring product durability and simplicity. 
With Atlas 150 you can easily make Lasagna, Fettuccine, Tagliolini and many other pasta shapes thanks to the wide range of accessories.You can choose from the Classic version (chrome) or make a statement with the Atlas 150 Design Colour Pasta Machine.


Pointed 80gm Arancini Mould now only: £9.95 (was £18.95)

Create perfectly shaped Arancini at home.
Whilst Stocks Last

We Love Pasta

Traditional Corzetti Pasta Stamps

Corzetti (sometimes called croxetti or curzetti) are traditional small, thin rounds of pasta which are pressed with the special wooden hand-tool to create an embossed pattern.

Corzetti Pasta Stamp - Pasta Kitchen (tutto pasta)

Basic Egg Pasta

Pasta Dough Recipe

Whether you are preparing your pasta dough by hand, or with a machine.
Click here to take you through to a simple easy recipe along with helpful hints and tips.


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