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Fresca Electric Pasta Dough Mixer With 3 Attachments


Brand Marcato

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Discover the fantastic Pasta Fresca Electric Pasta Dough Mixer fast, compact and multi-functional.
The Pasta Dough Mixer is an extraordinary machine by Marcato, designed to make a perfect dough for pasta, bread, pizza and biscuits.

In just 3 minutes, Pasta Fresca kneads 500g of flour with the same result as hand-kneaded: a compact, elastic and smooth dough.

Pasta Fresca can knead different flour mixes for pasta, always guaranteeing the perfect dough for the different shapes.
The accessories included allows you to make lasagne (150 mm), fettuccine (6.5 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). Pasta Fresca is the perfect machine for home-made pasta!

Bread and pizza
The special movement of the mixer blade is ideal for preparing savoury mixtures and to reactivate them after leavening.

Sweets and biscuits
Pasta Fresca can knead shortbread and sweet dough requiring a longer processing time than savoury dough.



 Use & Care

Includes recipe book.

Fitted with a UK plug, unlike same product from other retailers.

Pasta Fresca comes with a 2-year warranty.

A copy of the Pasta Fresca instruction manual can be downloaded here.

Made in Italy