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Fancy A New Pasta Shape For Your Marcato Atlas 150?

Ravioli & Tortellini Starter Set

Ravioli is essentially a type of dumpling, with a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta. Vegetarian ravioli was traditionally enjoyed by Italians on Fridays, especially during Lent when meat was prohibited.

Tortellini has a rather more fascinating and mythical history:
Supposedly, the shape of tortellini was created after Venus, the goddess of love, stayed at an inn near Bologna. Whilst she was there, the innkeeper looked through the keyhole of her room and was immediately inspired by her. He rushed to the kitchen and created a new pasta, tortellini, which is said to have been sculpted after the shape of her navel. This legend is favoured by many in Italy, however the more likely creation on tortellini was an attempt to cook the pasta without the filling spilling out into the boiling water.
Regardless of the real history, tortellini (and ravioli) are still enjoyed worldwide today.

The We Love Pasta Ravioli and Tortellini Starter Set is perfect for anyone with an interest in pasta making, regardless of your skill level. By using authentic Italian products, you are almost guaranteed to make the most amazing stuffed pasta possible.  

Every tool you could possibly need to make the perfect ravioli and tortellini is included in this starter set.  Included is: a pasta/pastry wheel, a ravioli tray, two square ravioli stamps (40x40mm & 70x70mm), two round ravioli stamps (55 & 80mm), a plain tortellini cutter, a rolling pin and a recipe booklet which provides step-by-step guidance for each tool’s use. and a straightforward pasta recipe too.

Making delicious, home-made pasta has never been easier!

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