Pasta Fresca - The Ultimate Marcato Pasta Making Machine.

Discover the fantastic Pasta Fresca Electric Pasta Dough Mixer fast, compact and multi-functional.
Designed to make perfect dough for pasta, bread, pizza and biscuits.

The pasta accessories included allows you to make lasagne (150 mm), fettuccine (6.5 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). It is the perfect machine for home-made pasta

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Marcato Pasta Machines

Marga Mulino: The compact mill to grind wheat and grains.

Marga Mulino is a small counter-top mill, able to grind wheat and grains to grind home made flours, flakes and malt for beer.
It can be used with both soft grains, such as Oat, Barley and Rye, and hard grains, such as Spelt, Kamut, Rice and Buckwheat.

Marga Mulino uses three rollers that rotate at different speeds with 6 grinding positions to obtain grain flakes with different finishes.

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Rosso Gingham Tablecloths & Napkins.

Traditional Italian Pasta Tools

Arancinotto - Arancini Moulds

Arancinotto is the first and only Arancini and Arancine mould, patented and made entirely in Sicily.
It arises from the need to speed up and improve the preparation of Sicilian Arancini, both for home use and for professional use. The Arancinotto allows you to make Sicilian Arancini, perfect both in shape and in size in a few seconds and without weighing the rice, obtaining a perfect final product.

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Traditional Italian Ravioli, Tortellini, Anolini Tools

Traditional Corzetti Pasta Stamps

Corzetti (sometimes called croxetti or curzetti) are traditional small, thin rounds of pasta which are pressed with the special wooden hand-tool to create an embossed pattern.

Available in four designs.

Basic Pasta Dough Recipe

Whether you are preparing your pasta dough by hand or with a machine click here to take you through to a simple easy recipe along with helpful hints and tips.

Pulltex Wine Tools & Accessories


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