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Pasta.Kitchen provides a definitive range of Italian manufactured pasta tools, equipment & accessories created from our love of pasta.

We offer the best Italian manufactured pasta tools, equipment and accessories which are either made by traditional methods or by the latest modern engineering techniques. This helps you to make the tastiest, home-made pasta possible, in the traditional ways, just like Nonna.

Our philosophy is that if you are making traditional Italian pasta then it should be made with an authentic Italian pasta machine or gnocchi paddle!

We’d love to hear about your favourite recipes, hints, tips, tools and gadgets. Or maybe there is a special pasta tool youwould like us to try and source?

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Featured Product:

Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Chromo Pasta Machine

The Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Chromo Pasta Machine offers fantastic quality and amazing value for money. It's body is made entirely of high quality polished chrome steel and food-grade aluminium alloy rollers which is all manufactured and assembled in Italy.
The smallest details of each part are designed to enhance its elegance, ensure product durability and facilitate easy cleaning and use.

The Classic Chromo comes with a polished alloy handle & clamp knob, where as the Classic was made from black ABS plastic. Not only making a better looking machine but with it's alloy components the machine is more durable.