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Marcato Ravioli Tablet – “Possibly” the finest Ravioli Tablet on the market!

The Marcato Design Line Ravioli Tablet lets you easily make tasty and fresh ravioli, in just a matter of minutes.

The Ravioli Tablet is designed specifically to provide you with stability during the ravioli cutting phase, the design also ensures that the ravioli separates with ease when cut using the ultra-smooth stainless-steel rolling pin.

The tablet makes ten perfect ravioli (50 x 50mm), which you can stuff with your own choice of filling.

The individual parts of the Ravioli Tablets are easy to clean, strong and sturdy.

The Ravioli Tablet base is built entirely out of anodised aluminium alloy so that no metal residue is released onto the dough.

Marcato Ravioli Tablet is currently available in: copper, red or silver.

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