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Marcato Ristorántica Pasta Machine Set.

UNIQUE SET With 8 Additional Bronze Dies

The Ristorántica, from the Marcato Professional line, is the professional fresh pasta machine that brings together the best of the Marcato experience, gained in over 80 years of business.

Ristorántica is designed to perform three main functions in making fresh pasta:
1. Mix and Knead 1.6kg of ingredients in 3 minutes, 2. Roll out and cut sheets of pasta (220mm wide rollers), 3. Extrude pasta (Approx. 4 minutes).

It is capable of producing 12kg of pasta per hour making it the perfect professional machine for most small and medium sized restaurants who want to make their own fresh pasta. Also makes a stunning centre piece for any kitchen.

The Standard set includes 3 bronze dies to prepare maccheroni, rigatoni, spaghetti and 2 cutter rollers that you can use to make lasagne and fettuccine. The rollers are made with a special light food-grade aluminium alloy that ensures there are no heavy metals that are harmful to your health.

However, with this UNIQUE set you also receive 8 additional bronze dies, to make different extruded shapes of fresh pasta: Bigoli, Bucatini, Caserecce, Fusilli, Linguine, Sedanini, Torchietti & Ziti

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